At Student Beans, we wanted to make improvements to our offer pages which would increase the redemption rate. This work obviously benefited the company, but we also wanted to help users discover offers which they might not of used before.

Reviewing the current offer page, it was clear that there was no attempt to communicate with the user. The page had the CTA to redeem the offer & the terms (which were written by the brands and at times not the most useful). We already knew that we wanted to increase the redemption rate by 10%, but now we also wanted to:

I started exploring solutions and decided that I wanted to show more of what the offer can do for the user, rather than just displaying the discount percentage in the title. My idea was to use a masonry style grid which can be used to show products the brand sells, or display images to communicate with the students.

Before the solution was built, I ran user testing and asked users to navigate to a brand called Michael Stewart, and asked them what they thought the brand sold and why. Users were using the brands offer image and guessed that they sold mens suites. However, the brand was selling more designer clothing for men, which some students might be interested in but wouldn't know that they could buy designer clothes from them!

I finalised the solution, which can be seen above, and then ran user testing again. I asked the users to navigate to the same offer and asked again what they thought the brand sold. This time, the students all said that the brand sold mens designer clothes, the solution worked how it was intended.

At the start of this case study, I stated the goals for this design task. The solution met both of the goals.

Make the page more engaging without altering the process ✅

The page had more content which communicated about the brand to the users, however the redemption flow was not interrupted at all.

Increase redemption rate of less popular offers ✅

Users are less likely to know what a less popular brand sells, this solution educated the users about the brand which could lead to redemptions, this was evident from user testing.